Question: Would You Exit?

This post will be a question to you dear reader. Consider the following scenario: Death is no longer at everyone’s doorstep. Any person can choose to live healthily for as long as they wish, with the caveat that no new person can be born unless someone already living decides to “exit”, a euphemism for a completely painless death, something as easy as walking through a door. Thus while one can go on living forever, it would hypothetically deprive some other person from experiencing the joys (and pains) of life and growth.

If you lived in such a world, would you ever exit? If so, what would you first want to do/accomplish before freeing up your spot for someone else? Feel free to comment below.


  1. This is pure fantasy, but what the heck. Yes, I believe I would eventually tire of mortal existence and would accept the inevitable. Making room for a newborn is a powerful incentive, especially if it is your own descendant.

  2. I will eventually try to exit because I believe all the living humans who are left behind are mean people who love themselves only, and the good ones exited long time ago. I don’t think is going to be a good life.

  3. Living is nice esp. when you are young and able to do things…….Too much of it is boring ,,,,,To give way to new person and esp.Yours own offsprings ….I am the first person want to go….

  4. My only fear really is that the only ones who wouldn’t cross that door, would in effect clog the system so that in the end, they would become the only ones left. In particular, I would expect these individuals to have a certain psychological profile. This hypothetical question also seem to imply some unacknowledged assumption. Is the reason for one to live and another one to take their place related to the finite resources provided by the environment ? Much would hinge on the answer to that question.

  5. i think your question is flawed b/c you are asking ppl who living in this world which have no real concept of what it is to live forever. Maybe in that world, there is no such thing is newborn or the concept of kids or grandkids since everyone lives forever so why would ppl even need to exit in that world, they don’t know what that means. You need to ask better question!

  6. Actually the question encourages us to appreciate the existing system. I don’t think I would exit nor I can limit my success to one task. All people who had left this world had unfinished business. So it feels great that ( in reality ) I don’t have the choice to exit and it would be very depressing to imagine the moment when I think I can not add to this world.

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