Religion vs. Mathematics

This post is ¬ meant with all seriousness. Every comparison should ¬ be taken literally, and no traces of humor should be seen when none, in fact, exist. (¬)

Religion Mathematics
Tenants of Faith Axioms
Scripture Proof
Divine Providence modus ponens
Ten Commandments ZFC
Sainthood Field’s Medal
Determinism Church-Turing Thesis
Freewill Super-Turing Nonsense
Fundamentalists Pure Mathematicians
Moderates Applied Mathematicians
New Age Types Computer Scientists
Apostates Physicists
The Unreached Biologists
“God works in mysterious ways.” “It comes out in the math.”
“Some things we’re just not meant to know.” Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem
Blind Faith Belief in a set of axioms whose
consistency is provably unprovable.


  1. Classical mathematicians = Catholics,
    Constructive mathematicians = Protestants,
    Hilbert = Pope,
    Naive set theory = Paradise.

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